Antoura un festival aux couleurs locales

07 août, 2016
Cedars have their festival too...

The 2016 Edition of the international festival of cedars has officially started on 4 August 2016 with a unique concert of magida roumi who offered to the public an unforgettable performance accompanied by a leading-Edge Technology to which the organizers have resorted in For the sake of continuous learning.

The Chairperson of the committee of the festival, Congressman Setherida Geagea, opened the ceremony with a welcome address who left indelible footprints among the listeners seduced.

As a reminder, the international festival of cedars was an ultimate rendezvous in Lebanon until his suspension during the war. Under the impulse of a dynamic committee, he resumed in 2015 and continues, in 2016, to celebrate the cedars and Lebanon through a range of concerts available on the Facebook page: Cedars International Festival Sethrida Geagea
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