Furn El Chebbak, Ain El Remmaneh and Tahwitet El Nahr: cities of multiple facets

04 mai, 2018

Furn El Chebbak, Ain El Remmaneh and Tahwitet El Nahr: cities of multiple facets


The municipality of Furn El Chebbak, which also includes Ain El Remmaneh and Tahwitet El Nahr is headed by its current mayor, Mr. Raymond Semaan. The cities, which are located in Baabda District, are bordered on the North by Sin El Fil, South by Chiyah, West by the capital Beirut and East by Hazmieh. This ideal geographical location has transformed these cities into an industrial, educational and urban center of great importance.
Housing notable companies such as the Alfa Telecommunications Company, banks, and insurance companies, among others, the cities are also tourist attractions, especially the famous shopping area (Furn El Chebbak Souk) and its many restaurants.
The city of Furn El Chebbak in particular is home to two faculties of the Lebanese University - the Faculty of Pedagogy and the National Institute of Fine Arts - as well as Sagesse University, in addition to private and public schools. It is also known for its many churches. It is home to the Syndicate of Doctors of Lebanon and various public institutions such as the General Security.


Raymond Semaan, a strategic pillar of the community


As mayor and the President of the Federation of Municipalities of Sahel El Metn El Janoubi, Semaan is also a prominent figure in the world of sports in Lebanon, being the Senior Vice-president of the Lebanese Football Association. Through his involvement in the Lebanese Football Association, Mr. Semaan was able to combine his passion for sports as well as his dedication to the service of his fellow citizens through his municipal work.
His mandate is distinguished by his interest in the most deprived, whereby promoting a principle of social justice through numerous charitable actions carried out by the municipality, has become the primary mission of his municipal work. Since his election, Semaan has worked for the acceleration of services, the promotion of ecology and hygiene, the re-forestation of alleys, and the renovation of the infrastructure, among others.
Youth is an important and privileged segment of society for the mayor and as such, Semaan works for their integration and the consolidation of human values through the organization of camps and various activities.


Open door policy: the real meaning of a “Public Servant”


For Semaan, work in the public sector calls for coordination between administrative work and the presence of people on the ground, always in the context of dialogue, openness and dedication.
A dedicated public service official, Semaan validates this notion by literally keeping his office door open to every visitor who enters the municipal building. The mayor greets and welcome his visitors himself, doing away with a “middleman” to screen them. Guests are immediately met by the mayor, who diligently listens to their concerns and appeals in the context of lending a helping hand.
Semaan’s dedication and hard work trickle down to his staff, a group of hard-working municipal officials, whose aim is to better the welfare of the community and these cities as a whole.


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