La Municipalité de Jounieh

24 juillet, 2016
A Commitment to Excellence

Marcelino Hark was reelected as the Mayor of Batroun as well as the President of the Federation of Municipalities of Batroun after the 2016 Municipal elections. Hark is a prominent figure in the municipal circle because of his fruitful past mandates and his visions of a better and bright tomorrow.

As a matter of fact, since Hark became the Mayor of Batroun, he gathered his efforts in an attempt to contribute in the national and international recognition of his village. Batroun is known for its numerous human and material resources as well as its rich heritage and culture. Herek took the lead in preserving his hometown’s richness and endeavored to its international exposure through a twinning agreement with Mont-Royal, a city within Montreal (Canada), to join forces and assets in an attempt to contribute to the development of both parties.

Marcelino Hark has gained popular sympathy and trust thanks to his meticulous work. He vows to provide Batroun as well as all members of the Federation he now presides more development through a panel of projects and to drain the attention of international organizations so Batroun would become a hub for investors and foreign visitors.
Katy B Hark #Batroun
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