Life is beautiful in Qartaba!

23 juillet, 2018
You are always welcome to qartaba, the air is pure and serene life. For those who do not yet know our village, the entrance is reported by a sundial that works in the light of the sun, as in nice, as in London, as in California. No need for signs, as soon as you see this sundial, you'll know right away that you're in qartaba.
Located 55 minutes from Beirut, for years, as president of the municipality, I work to develop its road axes. Access to qartaba today has become easier; access roads are multiple and are wide and always feasible. In Summer and winter, we can continually access it. All these efforts have been made, not only to attract visitors and tourists, but above all to the well-being of its inhabitants, to allow them to be more and simpler mobility across the country. For Qartaba to continue to live in the era of time!
Qartaba has become an ideal summer place for years. Proof is also, his appointment to be elected as the favorite village of Lebanese for 2018. Qartaba is synonymous with an opening place where life is always beautiful. With its very low humidity, its freshness, its radiant and sunny climate, qartaba is recommended by all doctors to those suffering from asthma or respiratory disorders. In a few words, qartaba is a medical prescription in itself! It is not only the purity of its air that makes it a cure; it is just as much its landscapes as its inhabitants who welcome you with open arms or the activities that take place.
Qartaba is famous among other things for its agriculture, the apple trees, especially in the light of their tasty fruit. Our Village is recognized as the main source of apples you will find in Beirut. Qartaba is also famous for the particular architecture of its churches, built in stone, the oldest of which are the convent mar sarkis, and the church church.
Despite all its opening and development, however, qartaba has been able to keep its traditional stamp, which is rare by the time running. And its inhabitants hold it, they perpetuate our beautiful traditions and good neighbourly relations. Culinary Specialities, Village-style shops, picturesque houses, beekeeping trails, radiant climate, forest walk, you will feel immediately at home in qartaba!
For all lovers of culture and trade, qartaba still has a multitude of cultural and sporting activities to offer you, thanks to the enthusiasm of its municipality, of all its inhabitants and its various associations. There is especially the annual carnival carnival which takes place on the central square of our village and where we elect the most beautiful car in the village every year. There is also the festival festival which was launched in 2015 by minister of Tourism Michel Pharaoh. He then reported qartaba as a forced passage on the summer tourism map. We are waiting for you this year in qartaba, this village jewel that deserves all your attention, and all your love today to be elected as the favorite village of Lebanese for 2018!
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