20 juin, 2018

Rose of the Mountain

Situated in the Qadisha valley in the district of Bsharre, Hasroun is nicknamed the Rose of the Mountain, due to its stretch of thousands of red brick roof homes that have been depicted in various paintings for years. 
This breathtaking village is one of the most beautiful summer destinations in Lebanon, well known for its refreshing climate, valleys, caves, monasteries and convents. From this charming village, a path descends to the ancient church of Mar Michael and the monastery of Deir Mar Yaqoub down into the heart of the valley.


Gerard Semaany, reformist and activist


Engineer Gerard Semaany, Mayor of the Municipality of Hasroun since 2016, is a known reformist, constantly striving to keep this remarkable village’s authentic and traditional feel intact through various cultural, educational and social activities year round.
During the summer, the municipality hosts numerous events including an annual dinner of Lebanese traditional food prepared by Hasroun’s local women, to revive its heritage. 
Wintertime, the municipality ensures that roads are cleared of snow in order to facilitate travelers’ commuting and ensure their safety. Christmas and Easter celebrations are taken very seriously whereby gifts are offered to the village’s youngsters in order not to make the Hasroun population feel abandoned during the rough winter months.


Women’s role in Hasroun


Semaany’s achievements within Hasroun are not only limited to himself. His wife, Rana, is an integral part of the community as well, whereby she heads the Hasroun Women’s Committee whose activities, over the span of several years, have encompassed initiatives aimed at promoting communication with all components of society on all national, religious and social occasions. 
Too many to list, among notable initiatives to be mentioned are awareness campaigns surrounding women empowerment, International Women’s Day recognition by planting 250 cedar trees that carry women’s names on them, in addition to her involvements in the annual Christmas, Easter and Flower Festivals.

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