23 juin, 2018

To combat radicalisation
The Sports Stadium at the heart of a collaboration between the municipality of baalbeck and the city of Aix-En-Provence.


The Municipality of baalbeck, within its prerogatives in the public domain, has at all times given particular importance to sports, education and culture, which it considers essential in human development.




As a result of this conviction, the mayor of baalbeck municipality, general hussein lakis, hoped to revive the partnership between baalbeck and the city of aix, with the aim of combating radicalisation of the population, especially young people, by putting their A Multi-dimensional location enabling them to engage in sports activities and to spend all their energy there.
Thanks to the efforts undertaken by Ms. Abir Khoury Jbeily, founder and manager of the Lebanese municipal agenda and responsible for international relations in several municipalities, Ms. Michèle Couëtmeur, director attractiveness and international cooperation and Mr. Jérôme Bourgis The development of the sports stadium of the "City of the sun".

A stadium that meets the Olympic standards
Of an area of 22 thousand m2, the sports stadium of baalbeck was built according to international standards under the supervision of the development and Reconstruction Council. It is equipped with various sports facilities and can host multiple sports activities, both at local and national and international levels: Football Matches, track games, gymnastics competitions, etc. A private maintenance company has been hired to maintain the entire establishment. A Director, who works under direct supervision of the mayor and the chairman of the municipal Council Sports Committee, will be responsible for managing all operations at the stadium.
Established ten years ago, the sports stadium became operational only three months after the decision of the council of ministers to transfer it to the municipality of baalbeck, which was responsible for its full operation, maintenance and management. It was then decided that the city of Aix-En-Provence would work particularly on supporting the sports policy of the city of baalbeck.
Development of a specific sports policy in baalbeck
The project was launched in early 2018 and is expected to end in 2019. It calls on the city of Aix-En-Provence in consultation on the entire stadium management strategy.
The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of baalbek in the implementation of public policies. The latter, in connection with the community of communes of the hérault valley, will work on cultural and sports policies. As part of the dialogue between the two french authorities and the town hall of baalbeck, it was decided that the city of Aix-En-Provence will focus on supporting the sports policy of the city of baalbeck. In Detail, the project aims to:
1-support for the definition of a sports policy
2-support for the management of the Sports Sports Centre through:
• Support for event organization
• Support for the management of equipment
Proximity to the population
3-integration of sports equipment in
The development of the city
The project aims to formalise the use of the stadium and, more generally, to define and develop a specific sports policy in baalbeck.
The project is in place
The first step in the implementation of the project, and the most decisive one, will be in the next visit to the delegation's delegation that supports this effort (from 24 to 27 June 2018); the delegation is composed of Ms. Karima Zerkani-Raynal, Deputy Mayor, Ms. Michèle Couëtmeur, director attractiveness and international cooperation and Mr. Olivier Penin, director of sports.
The French mission should work closely with the Lebanese side, composed of Mr. Khaled Chemaly, member of the municipal council and chairman of the sports committee at the municipality, Mr. Mohammad Siblani, director of Sports Stadium, Dr. Souheil Raad, member of the municipal council and member of the Sports Committee, Mr. Firas Jamal, member of the municipal council and lawyer of the municipality, Ms. Abir Khoury Jbeily, ing. Hassan Zein Geafar Moussa, Mohammad Moussa and fawaz el Hajj.
Long-term benefits
This action will allow the city of baalbeck to have access to a sports equipment made available to it and to define sport as a public policy. As part of an exchange of experience with their peers, the's leaders are called upon to take on this topic and to define its axes and challenges with the support of a consulting cabinet. It will also help to define the means and modalities of management of the stage stadium recently transferred to the city.
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