Touring Lebanon

18 juillet, 2018
Touring Lebanon
The Secretary General will initiate his visit in the host city of Baalbeck, whereby he is scheduled to tour the historical city and meet with prominent dignitaries of the area along with members of the municipality. A visit to Jeita is set for the following day, with a tour of Jeita Grotto followed by a meeting at Jeita Municipality, hosted by Mr. Walid Baroud, Mayor of the Municipality of Jeita, whereby His Excellency will meet with mayors of several municipalities of Keserwan Ftouh. The ancient Phoenician city of Byblos-Jbeil is next on the list, whereby Mr. Fadi Martinos, President of the Federation of Byblos-Jbeil Municipalities, plans to the meet with the Secretary General in Kartaba along with several local mayors. The next stop in the program is the beautiful Southern coastal city of Tyr, with a meeting prepared by Mr. Hassan Dbouk, President of the Federation of Tyr Municipalities, along with mayors of the area and local notables. Last but not least is a meeting with the Mayor of the Municipality of Beirut, Mr. Jamal Itani, considering that Beirut is a permanent member in the executive bureau in the Arab Towns Organization.
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