Wissam Zaarour - “Jubaili” with Excellence

17 avril, 2018
Wissam Zaarour – “Jubaili” with Excellence
Since assuming the position of Mayor of the Municipality of Byblos-Jbail in 2017, Mr. Wissam Zaarour’s humanitarian and humble persona is demonstrated through his involvements on several cultural, social and academic fronts.

A recent trip to France included a cooperative plan to establish a youth center in the city of Byblos-Jbail to assist in providing employment opportunities to the Jubaili youths. Furthermore, through a collaborative effort between the US Embassy and the city’s Cultural Center, the “Third Age Care Givers” Program, an initiative designed to provide hands on training sessions on caring for the elderly, was delivered to twenty-four participants over a period of four weeks.  
Zaarour also stresses on the importance of education, and as such, the Municipality opened its doors to welcome representatives from local Lebanese universities, who met with students from various schools and provided information and counseling regarding academic majors.  

What cannot be overlooked is the city’s cultural zeal, which is evident through a slew of notable events that Byblos-Jbail has become known for, such as the Christmas Village that attracts thousands of tourists and local visitors annually, as well as the Byblos International Festival, which hosts local and international performers from around the world.  Among other events are arts spectacles, language and photography workshops, book fairs, flower markets, food and wine exhibitions and many more.  

At the start of the New Year, the Lebanese government issued a financial stamp bearing the image of the municipality building, a 2000 m2 structure spread across a 7000 m2 plot of land located in the center of Byblos-Jbail, an honorable tribute to this ancient city and its dynamic leader.
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